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About Us

As a child, I always daydreamed about being an actor. My father Jorge Raul Guerrero was a famous Cuban poet/actor who came to the U.S. after Cuba was overturned by the communist regime. My father had eight children, six with my mom, and he did what he had to do to raise me and my siblings. He would take us to gigs where he opened acts for some pretty famous people and I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps. My mother and number one supporter of my dreams often called me Charles Warrior which is my name translated to English.

In 2000 while attending a Cursillo de Cristiandad (short course of Christianity) weekend retreat I received a clear and concise message from God telling me that he wanted me to use my talent in his name. Shortly after, I wrote my first theater play, but put it on my desk where it just collected dust as I played businessman to provide for my four children.

In 2003 I had a false alarm Angiogram that made me see how fragile we are and how short our life here on earth is. I then shrunk my business and was determined to make good on what I always knew God wanted me for. I started acting full time and was blessed with opportunities to work on some great projects. When my son Carlos Guerrero Jr. was about 5 years old he said he wanted to work with me on a film or commercial. We immediately started his intense training. His passion for acting was evident and lead him to book his first two gigs on 20th Century Fox projects. 

I wanted to work with my son on a project where we were the lead players, but knew that realistically it wouldn't happen for us in South Florida so in 2005 I wrote my first feature film "Promises". I ended up producing this film because I needed to keep God's message intact.

(watch the making of PROMISES for more details).

I started Warrior Pictures Corporation in 2008 to produce "Promises" which we filmed in 2008 (Rolando's flashbacks) and 2009 (Rolando's present homeless state). With a tremendous amount of sacrifice and God's grace, my son and I have been able to live our dreams not only by acting, but also by sharing the credit of Executive Producers.

It has been an incredible journey filled with many obstacles and struggles, yet the miracles and blessings have been abundant. Seven years after we started production on Promises, we can finally share the message of this film with the entire world. 

Carlos Guerrero & Carlos Guerrero Jr.