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Carmen Lopez

plays Vanessa Dominguez, a desperate mother in search of her missing child Rollie. She is angry at Detective Stevens for not giving Rollie's case the importance he should have. After a six month search Vanessa loses her faith while struggling to keep the last bit of hope to find Rollie.

Steven Bauer

plays Detective Stevens, in charge of the missing  children division swamped with cases, sees no urgency in finding Rollie who he assumes is safe with his rich father. Detective Stevens is frustrated and pushes this clueless case into the back burner, until he sees Rollie's mother Vanessa anguished and as a father himself he vows to find Rollie and bring him home.

Carlos Guerrero Jr.

plays Rollie Dominguez, a nine year old boy suffering the effects of his fathers workaholism and feeling neglected by his Dad's decision to spend his quality time working and with his new found Gold-Digging friends.

Carlos Guerrero

plays Rolando Dominguez, a self-made millionaire who could not resist the tempting pleasures that came with his success and now finds himself homeless, demented, and tormented by his regretful mistakes and broken promises to his son.

This role demanded an eight month physical transformation with no grooming to allow the extended growth of hair, finger and toe nails, and sun overexposed skin.This emotional and psychological characterization would take over two months to shake-off after wrapping.